Posterino 2.4.1

Create your own stunning posters and postcards

Posterino can take your photos and prints and breathe new life into them by blowing them up into posters and postcards. View full description


  • Create posters and postcards instantly
  • Export to iPhoto and Flickr
  • Creates stunning results
  • Send postcards to friends via e-mail


  • No auto-adjust tool for printing issues
  • Intel Macs only

Very good

Posterino can take your photos and prints and breathe new life into them by blowing them up into posters and postcards.

The results are very impressive. As soon as you install Posterino, it auto-imports all pictures stored on your Mac, whether they're stored in iPhoto, Aperture or any other application. The clear interface allows you to display your pictures in both list and thumbnail views. There are tons of cool templates such as grids of identical or odd sized image boxes which add a real twist to your posters. You can fill all of the boxes with individual photos making stunning collages which is one of the best features of Posterino.

Even better, after finishing creating your posters and postcards, you can choose export them to either Flickr or iPhoto. You can even send postcards by e-mail to your friends although you are only allowed to send a few for free in this trial version.

Using Posterino is generally a pleasure. The only problems you mount encounter however is when it comes to printing because of the increased dimensions of photos and images. Although your printer will warn you of this, it would be handy if Posterino had some way of auto adjusting images to print more easily.

Posterino is an excellent application for creating posters and postcards from your favorite images and photos.


  • Solved a problem that could lead to curios jumps in images sizes while cropping an image.
  • The 'Style Lock' flag is now respected by general frame manipulation operations in the Layout mode.
  • You can now skew an image while moving the orange sizing handles by holding down the Shift key.

Creating an eye-catching Life Poster is as easy as choosing a template, an iPhoto album and hitting a button. Posterino will choose, place, crop, enhance and render your images into a poster.

Placing dozens of photos onto a poster needs some time and serious work. Posterino will help you by doing the major part of the hard work while you just have to fine tune the results. Choose or shuffle you pictures with just on click.

Want to send your family a highlight of your last weekend trip? No problem, choose a postcard template, a photo, type some text and hit the "Mail" button. Posterino lets you export your poster or postcard as TIFF or JPG. Ready to be processed via the iPhoto Kodak print service.

Posterino comes with a set of predefined beautiful templates for posters and postcards. And best of all, you can create your own templates too. Compose your own greeting cards or your very special poster-birthday-present.



Posterino 2.4.1

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